FREE music activities for your students over the summer

  • 5 activities that can be enjoyed by ALL children with any musical background
  • Fun music challenges that also involve reading, writing and teamwork!

1. Listen to music (if possible, live):
In our fast-paced lives we rarely take time to actually appreciate music. Listening to music broadens our horizons in so many ways, and it needn’t be costly: stay to watch the street busker, turn on the radio, recommend and watch some YouTube music videos together or search for free concerts in your local area. More importantly, though, discuss what you’ve heard – what did they think? Use music as a way in to meaningful discussions.

2. Summer Listening Log: This one ties in nicely with the first activity. Some children will enjoy keeping a listening log – a record of new music they discover, their likes and dislikes, and will enjoy the challenge of listening to as much music as possible! It’s also a sneaky way to get them practicing their writing skills while school’s out. This could even be a fun project for them to share with their classmates come September!

Free resource: You can download the free Music Method Listening Log from the resources library and print it out as many times as you like.

3. Plan a fun performance: Encourage them to channel their abounding energy into a fun music project (either alone or with friends/sibling) and then celebrate the end result. Some ideas might be to organise a mini-recital for family or to make a band and cover some songs. Emphasise that you’re excited to hear the end result. Set a date for them to reveal their work and they’ll organise themselves in no time!

Free resource: You can download a free Plan a Performance Challenge from the resource collection for extra inspiration. Add extra excitement by asking them to video-diary their creative process or promise to record the end result.

4. Make your own instrument: Have you ever come across the Vegetable Orchestra?? Or how about Stomp the musical, in which performers use a whole plethora or household items to create fun, noisy, rhythmic music. Challenge children to make their own instrument(s)! They can draw their design, gather materials and then get making – with adult supervision when it comes to scissors and the like, of course – as many creations as they like!

Free resource: You can download the free Make an Instrument Challenge from the resource collection for extra inspiration. Could they try making up a song on their creation, too?

5. Complete the (FREE) Music Method Summer Challenge: Music Method exists to inspire joyful music-making and to foster excitement around the subject of music. So we’ve created a fun and easy summer challenge that anyone can enjoy. To complete the challenge, simply complete one whole row of 5 activities on the sheet. You could easily make this into a competition between friends or siblings by offering a prize for the first to complete it.

Free resource: You can download the Music Method Summer Challenge for free from the resources collection.

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