The Music Method blog (and its accompanying resources) are made to inspire and open doors to joyful music-making!

Music Method, in a nutshell:
  1. Student-led approach: The most successful students take charge of their own learning; learning should be active, not passive.
  2. Rounded musicianship: Lessons should focus on far more than just the notes on the page; we should teach creative thinking and independence to foster a love of music.
  3. Goal-oriented: Practice and lessons that are working towards a defined goal inspire motivation, especially when that goal is determined by students themselves.

Music Method exists for great teachers who are passionate about inspiring their students and continuing to develop their teaching practice to be the very best they can be.

Resources Library
Have a look at the growing collection of beautiful Music Method resources. From theory worksheets to motivational practice posters, there are resources to inspire independent and creative musicians. We write, design and illustrate content of the highest quality to promote excellence and enjoyment of music.