Using the Music Method resources library

  • What does the library contain?
  • How do I get my hands on the good stuff?

The Music Method resources library is a collection of hand maid and beautifully illustrated resources that cover a range of music topics. The aim is that you should always feel comfortable printing a Music Method resource, taking it to a lesson and knowing that it’s a high-quality tool you can be happy to present to your students. Many of the resources are absolutely free.

Resources Philosophy

There are three guiding principles behind everything that makes it onto the Music Method website.

  1. Student-led approach: The most successful students take charge of their own learning; learning should be active, not passive.
  2. Rounded musicianship: Lessons should focus on far more than just the notes on the page; we should teach creative thinking and independence to foster a love of music.
  3. Goal-oriented: Practice and lessons that are working towards a defined goal inspire motivation, especially when that goal is determined by students themselves.

How to get your downloads

From the Resources page, there are three simple steps to receiving download(s) straight to your email inbox.

  1. Click the Download button. You will be taken to the ‘Your Downloads’ page.
  2. This page shows all the downloads you have requested on this site visit.*
  3. Fill out the form to receive your download(s) to you email. If you’ve selected any premium downloads (these are clearly labelled), this is where you’ll pay using a secure payment portal.
  4. That’s it!

* Want more? After clicking Download, you can just go back to the Resources page to browse and add more to your collection of Music Method resources. Don’t worry, your full list of downloads will be waiting for you over on the Your Downloads page.

Music Method resources are available for great teachers who are passionate about inspiring their students and continuing to develop their teaching practice to be the very best they can be.

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