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Music method has been many, many months in the making. It’s a growing, family-run hub of inspiration, resources and ideas for teachers and learners of music. The idea for the site came about because I (Chloe, the founder – hello!) wanted there to be a selection of really high-quality, beautiful music worksheets and print-outs available online. In my years of teaching from home and in a peripatetic capacity, I’d never found a website that provided consistently good content that I was happy to print off and present to my students. Fast forward a few years and I had a considerable library of worksheets and activities that I’d made myself to hand out to students. I teamed up with my amazingly artistic mum who has made a wealth of adorable woodland musician illustrations and now I have a lot of resources, tips and more that I’d like to pass on to others!

It’s early days yet, and the website is going to keep growing. Essentially though, there are 3 main things you can find here:

  1. Printable resources: from theory worksheets to practice motivation posters, there are beautifully illustrated and high-quality print-outs that you can be proud to present to your students. What’s more, the vast majority of them are absolutely free!
  2. This blog: presumably, you have found the blog!! The blog is all about providing resources and inspiration for teachers, from tips to product recommendations and professional development opportunities. Watch this space! Also, please subscribe below to make sure you never miss a post.
  3. Music Method Practice Journal: I am a passionate advocate for a student-led approach to learning. This basically means that my students take charge of their own learning and progress, and the practice journal is a tool I made to help them achieve this. They set out their own weekly goals and practice plan so that they feel empowered to achieve highly. I teamed up with my mum (the genius illustrator) and have published the beautiful journal for other teachers and students to use, too.

So here we go! Please help to spread the word about the site to any musician friends you have. You can use the social media button below to help in just one click. Word-of-mouth can help to make sure that people know about this new venture and the resources on offer!

Thank you for reading and supporting Music Method. Please share this post or website using the social media buttons on this page to let more people know about what we do! ♫

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